Shanghigh Cali Edition Aktivkohlefilter
Aktivkohlefilter shanghigh
Shanghigh Aktivkohlefilter Cali
Cali Edition Filter mit Aktivkohle
kurze Aktivkohlefilter von Shanghigh
Aktivkohlefilter mit Meerschaum
Aktivkohlefilter mit Keramikkappe
kurze Aktivkohlefilter Cali Edition

Activated carbon filter Cali Edition

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Irrefutable quality is the key

  • Filled with sepiolitz (sea foam)
  • 2 ceramic caps
  • With no taste of its own

Shanghigh Cali filters are short activated carbon filters with peak sized filters filled with precious sepiolite. Compared to charcoal filters, sea foam filters harmful substances without giving off a taste of its own. At the same time, the sepiolite also absorbs warm water molecules and thus contributes to a clearly cool smoking experience. It is the preferred companion for smoking exotic buds and is cheap for outdoors and on-the-go.

With every box you buy, you passively donate to the Legalization Movement (DHV) and even more to planting trees.

You can even use the beautiful box as a container for accessories or flowers after use.

Contents: 60 activated carbon filters with sepiolite

Dimensions filter: 2 cm, ø 6 mm, 2x ceramic caps

Dimensions packaging: 124.5 x 70.5 x 11.5mm

Weight: 70g

For best results: Store filters in a warm and dry place. Avoid places with high humidity. Try to consume as little tobacco as possible. Leave room for air circulation when rolling.

Shipping charges within Germany €4.50. Free shipping from €50. Shipping is via DHL.

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Shanghigh Filters
About The Brand

Shanghigh is a young German startup that is actively involved in the cannabis movement and strives to contribute to the culture of communities through creative products. In addition to personal activism, Shanghigh supports the German Hemp Association. A socially and environmentally sustainable approach is also very important to Shanghigh. Therefore, with the purchase of a product, you automatically support the Reforestation project Werks-My-Tree® and a specially selected children's village.

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