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Cotton dry shampoo

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(Almost) freshly washed

  • Degreases quickly without drying out
  • For light blonde hair
  • For spreading without gases
  • Made in Germany

Woke up at the last minute again? No time to quickly wash your hair between work and the date? The vegan dry shampoo from Puremetics is the optimal support for in between. The powder makes your hair fresh again quickly, binds fat and provides a heavenly scent.

100% plastic-free (from product to packaging)
100% Vegan (PETA Approved)
100% match! Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Refreshes and degreases without gases

The formulation for spreading does not require any gases and consists of a mixture of baking soda, starch and alumina. The dry shampoo effectively binds fat and mattifies the roots without drying out the hair. The fine scent ensures a fresh appearance. Dry shampoo is not a substitute for wet washing. You should not use it for more than 1-2 days before washing your hair.

Content: 100g

What is inside?

ZEA MAYS STARCH = corn starch

  • Cleansers: Cleanses skin and hair.
  • Deodorant: Reduces and masks unpleasant body odors.
  • Binder: Binds moisture and fat.


  • Cleansers: Cleanses skin and hair.
  • Deodorant: Reduces and masks unpleasant body odors.
  • Masking Substance: Masks unwanted inherent odors.

KAOLIN = white clay

  • Dye: Gives a bold color.
  • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
  • Cleansers: Cleanses skin and hair.

PERFUME = perfume

  • Fragrance: Various fragrances which, according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, have no allergen potential and are grouped together under the term perfume.

COUMARIN = tonka bean camphor

  • Perfume: Imparts a sweet, balsamic scent.

GERANIOL = geraniol

  • Perfume: Gives a fresh scent.
  • Tonic: Strengthens skin and hair and creates a comfortable feeling.

Application: Simply sprinkle some powder on the palm of your hand, rub it in, rub it through the greasy areas and then brush your hair. It is better to use a little less at first and repeat if necessary. Then wash your hands. Do not sprinkle on clothing - otherwise gently tap out, do not rub.

Store in the original packaging in a dry and dark place.

Disposal: It is best to remove the label (this is very easy with our packaging) and put it in the yellow sack or recyclable waste. The rest of the packaging to the waste paper.


Shipping charges within Germany €4.50. Free shipping from €50. Shipping is via DHL.

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Puremetics plastikfreie Kosmetik
About The Brand

Puremetics want to completely eliminate plastic in your bathroom!
Puemetic find new solutions, defying conventional ways and are committed to developing alternative textures, packaging and shipping materials. The high-quality, environmentally friendly cosmetics belong in packaging with the same high demands on sustainability criteria. "A good soul lives in a good temple"!

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