Kruut Ruhe Oxymel 150ml
Kruut Oxymel Ruhe 150ml
Wild herbs Oxymel Calm
Kruut Oxymels alle Sorten
Kruut Oxymels die Kleinen 15ml
Kruut Ruhe wilde Kräuter
Kruut Oxymels Anwendung
Kurt Wohl, Kraft und Ruhe
Kruut wilde Kräuter Melisse
Kruut wilde Kräuter Baldrian
Kruut wilde Kräuter Haferkraut

Wild herbs Oxymel Calm

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Rest - your daily dose of wild herbs

  • 100% local organic ingredients
  • Powerful wild herbs
  • Never heated
  • Free from additives
  • Developed with experts

Your daily dose of wild herbs contains lemon balm, oat herb, valerian root and spruce shoots. Your portion of wild herbs in the evening. The soothing taste of a lonely forest meadow. Enjoy your herbal extract before going to sleep or as a meditative break in between.

Content: 15ml, 150ml & 500ml

500ml - 50 servings

150ml - 15 servings

15ml - 1 to 2 servings

Ingredients: All organic: acacia honey, naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar, lemon balm, oat herb, valerian root, spruce shoots

Nutritional values: You can find the nutritional values ​​of your Oxymel as an image in the product gallery.

Application: Simply mix 1 tablespoon of Oxymel with a glass of water . Stir and done! Of course you can also mix your Oxymel with other drinks of your choice. Try it with tea or apple spritzer.

Oxymel - The ancient Greeks

Thousands of years of experience are often forgotten. Time-tested recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, but today, unfortunately, they are increasingly being replaced by highly processed products from the factory.

Dioscurides already drank the golden oxymel and the Roman legionnaires strengthened themselves with the natural elixir on long journeys.

Hildegard von Bingen also appreciated the recipe. But then it fell into oblivion, especially in our latitudes.

Kruut brings the traditional elixir back into our everyday lives and repackages a millennia-old formula.

Oxymel [oxy = acidic; Mel = honey] is a tried and tested recipe made from acacia honey, naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar and a selection of valuable, local wild herbs. Your tincture is stirred in a gentle process for weeks. To preserve all the ingredients, the tincture is never heated. For the real taste of nature.

Due to the high extraction power of the basic ingredients, the valuable herbal ingredients are preserved in the Oxymel.

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Kruut Die Marke
About The Brand

Kruut takes a step
back to nutrient-rich nature
and knowing how to use them. Manufactured with values ​​that are unfortunately often neglected today: dedication & time.

Kruut brings proven knowledge back into your everyday life: The refreshingly tart herbal extracts are based on a millennia-old recipe and contain only local superfoods such as groundweed, nettle and co.

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