Breaks free alkoholfreier Gin

Cannabis Gin Free non-alcoholic

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Alcohol-free basis for drinks

  • 0% vol.
  • 500ml
  • Vegan

Breaks Free is the non-alcoholic gin variant for all 0% fans.

It looks like gin, tastes (almost) like gin, fills your nose like gin – but not in your head? Exactly. Gin, but alcohol-free. It does not fit together? Fits very well!

What makes gin gin?

Alcohol, of course, but only partly. The main role is played by the botanicals. Carefully selected herbs and spices, finely balanced. The typical Breaks aromas now make it into a non-alcoholic version of the popular Breaks Gin. Breaks calls it Gin, even if it is without its other volume of over 40% vol. gets by. And by the way, also without sugar or animal ingredients, which also makes it vegan.

What's in it?

Natural raw materials in proven Breaks quality and the special Breaks botanicals. Typical for the region and creatively combined to create a driving-friendly gin alternative.

How does the non-alcoholic alternative taste?

The way Breaks always tastes: bombastic, of course. Similar to herbal lemonade, just not as sweet. Significantly stronger than herbal tea. It's not that easy to describe - so it's better to try it yourself. As befits a gin, the juniper comes through. Paired with a lot of freshness, you will experience an intense taste without any alcohol.

Why should I avoid alcohol in gin?

There are plenty of reasons to give up alcohol. But strictly speaking, it doesn't even need a reason. Breaks has listened to its fans and was happy to make the wish for a non-alcoholic version come true. They tried, combined and varied. Here it is: Breaks Free.

How do I drink non-alcoholic gin?

Just like high-proof Breaks Gin: with a lot of enjoyment. With tonic water and a lemon zest, have fun.

Breaks Free: Treat yourself to a 0% alcohol and 100% gin experience.

Content: 500ml

Ingredients: water, herbal and spice distillates and extracts, preservative potassium sorbate.

Nutritional information for 100 ml: energy 7kj / 2kcal, fat 0g - of which saturated fatty acids 0g, carbohydrates 0g - of which sugars 0g, protein 0g, salt 0g

Volume: 0%

Can be kept for at least 8 weeks if opened and not refrigerated.

Free from THC

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Breaks Gin handcrafted Kupferkessel
About The Brand
Breaks Gin

Blazing passion. Breaks Gin distills with passion and only uses fresh herbs, fruits and spices of the best natural quality; many of them from the region.
Thought in English, made in Karlsruhe. All hand numbered and branded, all distilled using the traditional London Dry method. Breaks fills around 600 to 800 bottles of 500 ml per batch, two brandies per day, everything from the Karlsruhe manufactory and always by master craftsmen.

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