3 Farben Bioglitzer Collection
Bio Glitzer Collection Forbidden Fruit

Organic Glitter Forbidden Fruit Collection

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Make-up or handicrafts?

  • 100% plastic free and biodegradable
  • Softer than plastic glitter
  • "OK-Water" TüV certified for rivers and lakes
  • 100% climate neutral

For the glitter made in Germany, Birkenspanner uses 3 natural, biodegradable materials in reusable glass jars. No aluminum, no heavy metals and 0% plastic. Peppered Moths have had the TüV certify that the glitter can also be broken down in lakes and rivers.

All peppered moth products are well thought out down to the smallest detail, from production to disposal, and designed and manufactured in harmony with nature.

How does the bio glitter stay on the skin?

Very easy!

1: Use the glitter glue or some aloe vera gel as a foundation.

2: Use a brush and sprinkle glitter on it, done.

What is inside?

cellulose film

Cellulose is the main component of plant cell walls, making it the most abundant organic compound in the world. Through a newly developed process, the cellulose is processed into a smooth, transparent material. The cellulose comes exclusively from sustainable eucalyptus plantations in Europe.


Different soils and stones are used for the different colors of the Birkenspanner bioglitzer, which come from selected sources in North America.


Shellac is a resin-like, natural glue. The paint scale insects secrete it and use it to protect their offspring. When the baby lice hatch, the resin is harvested. No louse comes to harm.

Content: 2 grams Fairy Forest, 2 Shiny Shiva, 2 grams Cherry Lady

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Birkenspanner Markenvorstellung
About The Brand

on festivals, friendship and love of nature.
Shocked by the mountains of plastic waste left behind at festivals, Maxence and Tim set themselves the task of making festivals more sustainable in 2017.
4 years later, BIRKENSPANNER not only appeals to festival visitors, but to all outdoor adventurers who are looking for sustainable, timeless and durable products. We want to support courageous, creative people like you on your mission to break new ground.
Let's celebrate nature!

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