Kruut heimische Superfoods Pulver
Kruut Heimische Superfoods Wildkräuter
Kruut Pulver aus frischen Wildkräutern
Kruut Kräuterpulver Superfoods und Kaffee

Domestic Superfoods Powder

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Local superfoods raw food powder

  • 100% local organic ingredients
  • natural focus
  • Without coffein
  • Nutty, tart taste
  • Easy preparation

Kruut provides you with a composition of powerful wild herbs that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Nutrient-rich raw food powder with the power of three of your favorite native wild plants for more energy and stress resistance. Full of natural calcium, magnesium and potassium*.

Collecting wild herbs yourself is sometimes not that easy in everyday life. Not enough time and no safe collection points. That's why Kruut has bundled three of the most nutritious wild plants into one powder. The valuable ingredients of the plants are preserved by gentle drying directly after harvesting at below 40 degrees. After drying, the herbs are ground - not powdered. As a result, far more nutrients are retained than are found in most industrial powders.

Local superfoods are an everyday solution to bring wild herbs onto the daily menu. Whether in the city, in the country, in summer or winter. You can integrate the powder anywhere: drinks, smoothies, sauces, dressings and raw food desserts.

Preparation: Mix one tablespoon (12g) with 200ml of liquid. Perfect as an ingredient in smoothies, juices or muesli. The juicy green powder is a real feast for the eyes!

Holistic impulse: Herbal Latte. How about a wild variant instead of Matcha Latte? For a nutrient kick in between or as a grounding, conscious ceremony. Take 200ml plant drink or milk, 1 tsp wild herb powder and optionally 1 tsp acacia honey.

Here's how it works: heat the milk. Pour wild herb powder into a cup. Add the plant milk and froth with a whisk until everything is nice and airy. If you like, you can stir in some honey. Your lush green and frothy-light Herbal Latte is ready. Tip: Also works great with an electric milk frother.

Content: 75g

Ingredients: nettle*, dandelion*, goutweed*. *from biological wild collection

Nettle is probably the local superfood par excellence. It is full of iron and calcium. In the Middle Ages, their seeds were banned because they were considered an aphrodisiac.

Giersch also transmits its robustness to us. Wild vegetables are a good source of minerals and trace elements.

Dandelion contains large amounts of potassium and has therefore been found in classic alkaline teas for centuries. Green Energy!

Strength and concentration through plant nutrients:

¹ Calcium contributes to a well-functioning energy metabolism.

¹ Iron helps reduce fatigue.

¹ Potassium contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: Energy: 980kJ/234kcal | Fat 1.9g | thereof saturated fatty acids 0.3g | Carbohydrates: 7.9g | of which sugar: 3.8g | Protein 43g | Salt <0.01g | ¹ Calcium 4300mg - per serving: 516mg (65%*) I ¹ Iron 41mg - per serving: 4.9mg (35%*) I ¹ Potassium 2500mg - per serving: 300mg (15%*) I Magnesium 440mg - per serving: 52 .8 mg (12%*) **% reference amount according to VO (EU) No. 1169/2011

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Kruut Die Marke
About The Brand

Kruut takes a step
back to nutrient-rich nature
and knowing how to use them. Manufactured with values ​​that are unfortunately often neglected today: dedication &amp; time.

Kruut brings proven knowledge back into your everyday life: The refreshingly tart herbal extracts are based on a millennia-old recipe and contain only local superfoods such as groundweed, nettle and co.

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