CBD Vital CBD Nasenspray
CBD Nasenspray
CBD Nasenspray von CBD Vital

CBD nasal spray

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With xylitol, eucalyptus and 50 mg CBD

  • Registered medical device
  • For colds (nasal viral infections)
  • allergies
  • polluted air
  • With dry air in winter

Viral infections or colds are accompanied by typical symptoms such as a blocked or runny nose. A stuffy nose is caused by an increased accumulation of fluid, which causes the mucous membrane to swell. CBD Vital's registered medical product will help you alleviate the symptoms. A dry nasal mucosa can promote the penetration of viruses and bacteria. Therefore, well-moisturized nasal mucous membranes are important as a natural defense barrier.

Carrageen forms a natural protective film and thus a physical barrier against external influences such as bacteria, viruses, pollen and dirt. Xylitol acts on the mucosal surface. It osmotically actively removes water from the tissue. The mucus film is thinned, the viscosity is reduced and mucociliary transport is facilitated. This makes it difficult for bacteria to attach to the nasal mucosa. Cannabidiol additionally strengthens this protective film.

The CBD nasal spray does not contain any pharmacological active ingredients. The physical effect is purely due to the sophisticated combination of active ingredients.

The nasal spray helps restore moisture in irritated nasal passages. The content relieves sinus pressure and nasal congestion.


Best before: 2/2024

Application: Shake before use! Adults use the spray up to 10 times a day. Spray at an angle into the nasal cavity, with the spray opening pointing towards the ear. The spray liquid should remain in the nasal cavity and not be swallowed or inhaled. Do not use the CBD nasal spray if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children and young people. For intranasal use only.

Notes: Keep out of the reach of children. Store the bottle upright and not above 25°C. The product has a shelf life of 32 months when sealed. After opening, the CBD nasal spray can be kept for a maximum of 2 months. Do not use after the expiration date (see bottom of packaging).

Ingredients: Benzalkonium chloride 5mg, iota-carrageenan (0.15% m/V) 15mg, CBD isolate 99% 50mg, ethanol 96% pa 0.01ml, eucalyptus oil 1.20mg, olive oil 0.5ml, saline solution NaCl 0.9% 9, 5ml, Tween® 80 Polysorbate 80 (0.5% w/v) 50mg, Xylitol 200mg.

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CBD Vital Über die Marke
About The Brand
CBD Vital

The Austrian company believes that everyone deserves to achieve the best possible state of health in a self-determined manner.
That is why CBD VITAL consistently relies on high-quality hemp-CBD products for well-being.
The brand pays attention to sustainability and transparency. That is why the ecological organic cultivation of the hemp plants is also GACP certified. All products are regularly tested and certified to ensure all products are of the highest quality.

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